Through distant skies and an unknown land they came…Nothing remained sacred, no one was safe as The Lords of the Air thundered forth, sometimes 3, sometimes 4…

The Horsemen of the


3 years ago, several air performers met at a regional air guitar
competition. Inspired by each other’s talent and dedication, they
decided to band together to form America’s premier Air Band! They
have been honing their skills at performing and mixing exciting tracks of music to give the audience what they need. Airpocalypse performs for all sorts of events and competitions, from concerts to weddings to music festivals. In order to appeal to a wider audience,
Airpocalypse has been training new members to cover a variety of
instruments and styles. This undertaking is styled to create a large
Air Music Collective. But as for the core of air guitarists, Airpocalypse will be introduced to America through our
popularity in the US Air Guitar Championship circuit.





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