Chuck Mung

“You know him…

You love him…

You can smell him from a mile away…”

Garth Donald has been performing as “Chuck Mung” for 8 years now.
Disappointed by his lack of musical talent, but driven by his love for
hard rock, Garth began to perform “air guitar” sets between local
bands’ acts in 2001.  Though the initial concerts were flops, the Air
Guitar fire had been set in his soul.  In 2004, Garth made his way to
Oulu, Finland, to try his hand at the World Air Guitar Championships.
He trained under the world’s masters, and made it through to the final
round of the competition.

Garth took his passion back stateside, and began competing in
regional and national competitions.  Year after year, Garth won
regional titles and was invited to compete against the best the
country had to offer.  He spent a good deal of time learning new moves
and studying live bands, but he was unable to get the exposure he
needed.  Inspired by the smiles and applause of the open audience,
Garth aspired to perform air guitar as often as possible.

In 2008, Garth met several equally talented and passionate air guitar
performers.  They decided to create an air guitar super group, and
have been playing together ever since.  With a blend of exciting
props, unique song selection, and disciplined choreography, the group
is forging ahead as America’s premier air guitar band.


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