” Armed only with spandex, hair, and air—and completely unencumbered by shame—Airpocalypse will kill themselves to rock you. This fake band works real hard—and you can see, feel, and, yes, smell it. (Favored weapon: explosive buttrock medleys.) ” (click to read more…)

-Seattle Stranger


“Plastered in spandex, wigs and costume devices that rip away at will…  Airpocalypse, bring down the house when they perform.” (click to read more…)


      “Airpocalypse now. Airpocalypse later. Airpocalypse forever. Airpocalypse for the win. That is all.” (click to read more…)

-Yahoo Music


      “ Their choreography is tight and they can pump up the crowd…. They pulled out all the stops with their showmanship, singing into a comb, dancing around, synchronizing their movements. Like any self-respecting band, they obviously practiced.” (click to read more…)

-Seattle Audiophile


      “One half comedy act and one half extreme performance group, Airpocalypse hold themselves under the utmost level of seriousness….

                             It’s outrageous, over the top, a lot of fun and worth checking out ” (click to read more…)

-SSG Music


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