Tony Tapatio

Strength, Power and Courage. This is the story of Tony Tapatio.


Who is Tony Tapatio you ask…?

A simple and sometimes shy boy at day. But by night, an unstoppable Latin furry of face-melting man. With de power of de panther, de courage of de naked mole rat, and the obscure and questionable sexiness of a young mustached Burt Reynolds… He has helped revolutionize the art of air performance.

Tony Tapatio is a nationally known Air Guitarist and also Lead Vocalist of the country’s most well known air guitar band AIRPOCALYPSE. He began competing in the summer of 2009 and was invited to join AIRPOCALYPSE just a few months later. He describes his biggest influences as the lead singers with unforgettable theatrics involved on and off the stage, such as Mick Jagger, Freddy Mercury, GG Allin, Steven Tyler and Jim Morrison. And is influenced by guitarist such as Eddie Van Halen, Brian May, Slash and Robby Kreiger.

Now…. As he struts across the stage in his skin tight animal print pants, women in the crowd can’t help but fall to their knees and begin screaming towards him ” DO ME MR. TAPATIO!!!/ I WANT YOUR BABYS!” And with a fire in his eyes, he roars into his hairbrush like a female lion in heat.

Now turn that amp up to 11, boys and girls… Because Tony Tapatio likes it LOUD!


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